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Along the ancient Via del Corso, in the heart of the historic center
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Hannah Collection Hotel Regno Coronari Palace
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Where we are located

A short stroll from our unique location connects to the main attractions of the city, amid ancient monuments, grand museums, the city's most elegant shopping district, the Spanish Steps, and the birthplace of antiquity: the Colosseum, the Imperial Forum and the Palatine Hill.

Rione Colonna

The Rome historic center is fractionated into rioni, traditional administrative divisions of the central city, a term used since the 14th century. The Rione Colonna, where Hotel Regno is located, owes its name to the marble column built between 176 and 192 AD to celebrate the victories of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. The surrounding area, which extends from Montecitorio to Piazza Barberini, underwent strong development in Imperial Rome, when Augustus built the Ara Pacis here (later moved to the Mausoleum of Augustus) along with the Montecitorio sundial which still has an ancient Egyptian obelisk (595-589 BCE) as its upright gnomon.